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Dan Slavin, President

Here at West Coast Drywall & Paint we truly live by the words you read in our Mission Statement. West Coast Drywall & Paint is committed to quality, performance, integrity, safety, and customer satisfaction. We are constantly striving to improve each and every aspect of our company. Our dedication to our customers and our employees has helped us become the cutting edge industry leader we are today.

WCDP is currently working for and partnered with the top home builders, general contractors, and property management companies in Southern California. We are able to do the majority of the work in the region because of our dedication to performing at a high level and making sure we are always exceeding the customer’s quality expectations. Our highly trained superintendents are constantly on the job sites communicating with the project managers and job site supers to insure we are building a product that makes everyone proud to be a part of.

We also realize at WCDP that we are nothing without our field crews. When a person is hired at West Coast they go through our training programs. One training series that we are extremely proud of is our Safety Program. It is our goal that each and every one of our employees makes it home safely to their families each and every night. Not only will they get instruction on safety when they are hired but they will get reminded of the fundamentals at our monthly safety meetings and our weekly tail gate meetings. Our commitment to our employees has helped us keep the best of the best healthy thus enabling us to deliver a consistent high quality product to our customers.

I would like to thank our customers for their commitment to West Coast Drywall & Paint. I know our customers have the same mind set we do. They are also dedicated to quality, performance, integrity, safety, and customer satisfaction. They are a key reason West Coast has become who we are today. Thank you all for the great relationships, the constant communication, and the opportunity to become your trade partners.


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