West Coast Painting was established by Mark Herbert, a journeyman painter who had a dream and a vision. The company’s first markets were in the residential and commercial areas. West Coast Painting soon earned a reputation for quality and performance, which would become a cornerstone of the company’s values.

The late 1980’s, early 1990’s and late 2000’s brought a severe downturn to the new residential homebuilding industry. Many of the company’s competitors were not sufficiently prepared and this in turn created new opportunities for the company. The company prospered and by the mid 1990’s and again in 2010 it emerged as one of Southern California’s largest and most successful painting contractors..

Soon after, opportunities developed in the new residential home building and commercial industries and Mark, along with his team, were on their way towards building what would become one of the largest and most respected painting contractors in Southern California. More success followed and by the mid 1980’s West Coast Painting had grown into a large painting company with 100 employees.

In 2002, West Coast Painting developed a long term strategic plan that called for the company to diverse the services it offered to the new residential homebuilding industry. The most logical and synergistic option was to enter into the drywall business, serving the same customer base that they had enjoyed so much success with West Coast Painting.

The company continued to prosper and the values and the vision that Mark started with caused the company to continuously grow. Those same values and vision, in addition to the foundation for success that they created, would be the tools that allowed West Coast Painting to flourish. This also allowed the company to overcome obstacles that the economy would soon bring.

In 2003, West Coast Painting acquired Team Drywall and Dave Hopkins Drywall, along with the assets of MW Drywall, thereby creating one of the largest new residential homebuilding drywall companies in Southern California. By successfully integrating those companies and their employees into the culture created by Mark’s values and vision, a new more powerful and successful combination was created.